Welcome to the Great Lakes Region Volleyball Combines and College Volleyball Recruiting Program presented by the Great Lakes Region.  More than a combine, this is a college volleyball recruiting tool for athletes, parents, clubs and college volleyball!

NOTE: Space is LIMITED to ensure a safe and professional environment for attending athletes. While many similar events host hundreds of athletes, it is our intent to host a few dozen to give our players the best opportunity to succeed…and NOT be just another number. In addition, a brief discussion about RECRUITING will conclude each combine.

2017 Spring Combines – open to all Great Lakes Region Girls

When:   Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where: UNO Volleyball Club – 570 Joyce Road, Joliet, IL

Time:    9:00 am – 12:00 pm

When:   Saturday, May 13, 2017

Where: UNO Volleyball Club – 570 Joyce Road, Joliet, IL

Time:     9:00 am – 12:00 pm

When:   Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where: UNO Volleyball Club – 570 Joyce Road, Joliet, IL

Time:     9:00 am – 12:00 pm

When:   Saturday, June 3, 2017

Where: UNO Volleyball Club – 570 Joyce Road, Joliet, IL

Time:    9:00 am – 12:00 pm


TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE!  (If you’ve attended a GLR Volleyball Combine prior, login with your Combine Username and Password. Then click on “sign-up for a combine” in the Members Area.)

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February News:

* Great Lakes Region Volleyball Combine athletes making College Commitments! Check out our list of  Great Lakes Region Volleyball Combine athletes Committed to play College Volleyball!

* Colleges & Universities from over 130 College Volleyball Conferences are entering the Great Lakes Region Volleyball Combines Online Player Database!  Schools from the following conferences are logging in and more:

BIG 10




Horizon League




C-USA and many more!

Click here to see the entire List of College Conferences Entering the Database!


ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Each player receives an Online Payer Report (OPR) their entire club career! The OPR can be updated at any time and includes contact information, volleyball information, awards, combine testing results…and all combine position skills and drills are VIDEO taped and included in each OPR!

Every COLLEGE Volleyball COACH in the country, at ALL levels, has FREE access to the Online Player Database to evaluate our Great Lakes Region players. Click HERE to LEARN more!

The Regional Combines are intended for high school aged boys or girls as identified. The Club Combines are a girls program for participating Club programs and their athletes only. However, players from other clubs may be permitted to attend (club preference), contact Creig at creig@glrvolleyballcombines.com if wanting to attend a combine at another club to confirm. A Girls Regional Combine will be held each winter and spring for those girls whose Club did not host a Club Combine during the club season or for those who could not attend their Club or another Club Combine! Participants in the Regional and Club Combines receive all of the services and benefits offered!

 View Our Video To Learn More About the Program!


The Great Lakes Region Volleyball Combines will provide Great Lakes Region USA Volleyball MEMBER clubs, high school athletes (freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors), their parents, club directors and club coaches with an  Annual Tracking and College Volleyball Recruiting Tool.

Each combine will showcase our regions college bound volleyball athletes (boys & girls)  while providing each athlete with their very own RECRUITING WEBPAGE (player report), including combine measurements, results and positions skills VIDEO for their ENTIRE high school/club career! 


As the nations leading athletic video editing software, we are proud to present hudl as our video editing and playback platform.

EVERY college volleyball program (men’s and women’s) in the country, DI, DII, DIII, NAIA…has free and unlimited access to each Player’s Recruiting Webpage (report) 24/7!

With college coaches receiving FREE access to the Online Player Database, player combine results, skills video…it is NOT necessary for college coaches to be in attendance. They can evaluate players via the Online Player Database to better plan, target and budget their travel for recruiting….its a WIN-WIN!

Players are seen by MORE college coaches across the country online versus being limited to only those college coaches in attendance at a combine!

Hundreds of College Coaches from across the United States have already logged in to access the Online Player Database and view Player Reports (Player Recruiting Webpages)…and college coaches continue to login on a daily basis!

Whether you are a high school freshman or senior, this program will provide you with a college volleyball recruiting opportunity! College coaches from across the country are viewing Online Player Reports (Recruiting Webpages) 24/7!

With the college volleyball recruiting process becoming more competitive, the earlier an athlete is in the “system”, the greater their chances are of being discovered!

For athletes and parents, this is a tool you may use to reach out to college coaches. Email them to let them know you are interested in their program and to view your Online Player Report!

In the end, no matter the recruiting tool or how much money is spent on a recruiting service, THE ATHLETE AND PARENT WILL HAVE TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THE RECRUITING PROCESS! 

Know this is the premier combine service offered in the best interest of our athletes, parents, clubs and the region!

To view a SAMPLE Online Player Report, click here.

Attending athletes will receive an ONLINE PLAYER REPORT (OPR) with contact information, club information, academic information, college interests…combine measurements and combine VIDEO including individual position drills, small group drills and team play. All of which will be helpful towards tracking growth and development, strengths and deficiencies and provide reliable information that may be used to discuss realistic college expectations.

Athletes will have access to their OPR only and Great Lakes Region USA Volleyball Member Clubs will have access to their attending athletes only.

FURTHER, the Online Player Database (OPD) will be a COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL RECRUITING RESOURCE whereby college volleyball programs across the country have access to the entire Online Player Database 24/7. With a powerful SEARCH ENGINE, college coaches can select specific search criteria such as position, height, weight, approach touch, block touch, GPA…and once selected, all athletes meeting and exceeding those criteria will be listed. This WILL streamline the player search for college coaches and moreover, the OPD including the video, will be invaluable for those college programs with limited recruiting/travel budgets.

This system in its entirety, distinguishes this program as the Premier Volleyball Combine and Player Recruiting Tool!

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